Sharing Art with Youngsters

20170406_090811For the second year in a row I was invited into my third cousin Felicity’s class to share my art. I brought along 5 x 7 cards of one of my drawings and gave them out to the students to paint. I demonstrated how to paint over them in watercolor and then just let them do their own thing. It was a lot of fun and it was interested to see what they came up with. Felicity is the sweet, blonde girl to my right. To my delight the children remembered me from last year and gave me a warm welcome.

Whitewall Parish Church, Wales


In 1994 I was visiting my cousins Keith and Hazel in Whitewell, Wales when they took me to visit the local church near their house. I fell in love with the place. I took photos of the church and vowed to come back the following year and paint it. They took us to the airport and we said our goodbyes.  I would never see our Hazel again as she died suddenly a few weeks later at the age of 47. I returned to the church the following year to find her buried in the churchyard cemetery. I thought of her as drew pictures of the church and the gate wrapping around the graveyard. I later sent prints of the finished works to Keith, Miss Audrey who lived next to the church and a wealthy gentleman who was interested in commissioning some work from me. Last April I revisited the church with Keith who got a hold of the key to the church and let me inside. I was quite pleased to find the two prints I had given to to wealthy man framed and hanging in the foyer of the church.

Whats in front of you.


white-bluff-front-yard-copywhitebluff-copy I don’t always scout around for subject matter. Some times I just sit myself down with a sketch pad and look around as was the case here. I was visiting my friends Annie and Leon in White Bluff Tennessee and just walked out there front door and sat myself down on the porch and did a sketch of the scene in front of me. I painted it afterwards using my imagination and memory.

Dog Nap

My friend Doug’s dog Crow got all comfy on the couch. I got a quick sketch of him in ink before he moved around. Normally I draw from life and paint from memory or imagination.But in this case I got to paint it from life too. I gifted the painting to Doug who has been a good friend of mine since the early 80’s back in Nashville.

On a Roll

I’ve been on a roll lately in terms of sketching. I’ve been using  permanent ink pens on 9″ x 12″watercolor paper so I can paint them later. I’ve learned to scan the drawings before I paint them so I basically get two images from one piece of art.  It’s something I wished I would have done many years ago. Still, I have many them squirreled away. With the popularity of adult coloring books I wonder if I could some how print my  black and white prints on watercolor paper for others to paint. I could include a colored print of how I painted it so the person could copy it or choose to color it how they see fit. Something to think about.abandoned-bird-house-copy

Old leaf.

old-leaveI came across this oil painting I did back around 1989. I hope to get back to oil painting again.  I have taken the skills I have developed in my watercolors and I’ve turned to acrylics which is also water based.  It’s my hope to eventually get back to working in oils again.

Rally For Rob

14192658_1302817646396697_6324059825323237044_nRob Robinson and I have been friends since the third grade. Over 20 years! We both had our bouts with cancer too. This weekend there will be  a benefit for him in our home town of Medina, New York. I am donating an original pastel in support of the cause. It’s going to be a fun night. Rob is a well respected piano player and plays in several bands and many of his musician friends will be there. So there will be some great live music to go along with the Spaghetti dinner. Bring along your dancing shoes. I hope to see you there!rob-and-me