The traveling salvation Duffy show.

Duffy and I are on the road. After losing his lovely daughter Yvonne last year we discussed a trip to Nashville together to visit our friends as part of his healing. I have since lost my mom so it will be healing for me too. We made it to Nashville yesterday but we are only in town for the weekend.

Early Oil Painting

I stopped by some friend’s house and got a pic of me with a painting I had sold them many years ago. Old friends aren’t always people. I did this painting in Tennessee.

Do Not Travel Far

“Do not travel far when looking for a wife,” is an old Chinese proverb. I don’t know if this is true or not having been married only once. Apparently, I either traveled too far or not far enough. But I can say this is true when looking for a subject to paint. One can travel all day looking for the “perfect” scene and not have any art to show for it. When John Singer Sargent would go off with a group of his artist friends to paint from life somewhere his friends were impressed how few steps he would take to find a subject. He wanted to spend his time painting not traveling. This has been an issue with me as I love to travel… to know what is around the corner or over the hill. But to draw and paint one must stop moving. A short drive or walk from my cobblestone provides ample subject matter for me. Yesterday I parked on a back road close by and drew a picture of a old barn. I worked directly in ink on watercolor paper. I spent this morning painting over the drawing in watercolor.   6″ x 10″culvertbarnculvertbarn2 (1)

The Waterport Trestle Mural

I was asked by a collector of my work to do a mural of the Waterport Trestle for a private space. The blank wall was 28′ long and the subject was to be the re-creation of an old pen and ink drawing that I had painted over many years ago. The Trestle itself has been gone for decades. I rather enjoyed this project as it was so clear as to what the client wanted and I was enlarging my own art work.  In order to replicate the work I decided to create it the same way I did the smaller original…pen and ink that was painted over in color. I used around 100 sharpies to draw the image and then I painted over the ink with acrylic paint.  It was fun working on such a large scale project.20181125_192758 copy 220181012_17230220181019_17201320181028_20032320181029_14313220181120_22183020181111_11575520181120_221228

Long Lost Friend

girl on a fence (1)Occasionally a piece of art from my past returns to me like an old lost friend. I was recently given this drawing I had done at the request of the mother of a friend I had grown up with. I had known her since I was a young teen and I considered her a friend too. She had requested two black and white landscapes. The other one is lost in time somewhere. I also recall doing an oil painting of a Native American in full head dress for her… also lost. I don’t recall the details of this piece other than it was a composite of 2 or more drawings done by other artists. I Arthurized it. From etchings perhaps. Approximate date: 1979. Size: 15″ x 8″