High School Memory

I got caught skipping school by the new principal. The punishment for skipping school and missing classes was office detention where you still missed classes but under the watchful eye of the principal. I brought art supplies and started drawing in colored pencil. I took Bob Dylan’s literally when he sang “…your orphan with his gun is crying like a fire in the sun.” All the teachers that came in and out through the day talked with me in a friendly manner. The principal then realized I was just a rule bender and not really a trouble maker. The next time he caught me skipping I was with my friend Ken Gray. He caught us walking out at lunch. He asked us where we were going. I told him I was in the work program which was true…but I wasn’t going to work. I was skipping. He glared at me for a second but let me go. Ken had to follow the principal back to the office where he was suspended. He never went back.

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