The Door Knob


I left the makeshift studio I had set up in my brothers attic. I walked down the stairs armed with a sketchpad and drawing supplies and I was off to find something to draw. I walked and looked around. Walked some more…kept looking. I couldn’t find that perfect subject worthy of a drawing. I walked for hours seeing too much and yet not seeing anything. I climbed back up to the attic studio discouraged. I sat down determined that I was going to draw something then and there. I looked around and saw nothing in the bare room except for an old water radiator and the porcelain doorknob I turned to shut myself in the room. I got out some gray pastel paper and sketched the doorknob with black and white charcoal. I also did an ink drawing of the old radiator. I was a youngster then but I had learned a valuable lesson.  I didn’t need to go far and wide for subject matter. Just draw what is around me….in front of me. Everyday things…

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