The Bus Driver

Today I found the sketch that was missing. It was under the desk with coffee stains splashed across it. I made the sketch from life while traveling across the panhandle of Florida in a greyhound bus. The driver, an older black man exuded a steady calmness that instilled a confidence that assured me we were in safe hands. He was friendly and chatted with the passengers close to him…particularly the sweet talking black lady sitting behind him. She spoke of her husband who she said was killed 3 weeks ago. The driver mentions that his son was killed 3 years ago and he still wasn’t over it. As we neared the bus station the driver informed us that we all would be getting off there. Sensing her time with him was short she says, “I ain’t got nobody…and you ain’t got nobody. Lets get mushy!” The driver laughed and replied, “I’m not an Indian, but I know a war cry when I hear one!”

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