The Beginning

makin his way

I guess you could say my artist career began with my first one man show in 1984. Charlie Fenton was opening his new cafe/art gallery and performance center under the Shelby bridge In Nashville and invited me. Charlie joked I had come a long way, from sleeping under a bridge in Centennial Park to having an art show under a bridge. Along with the one-man show I organized an adjoining show of 20 artists which included Alan LeQuire, Earl Hooks, Jairo Prado, Rose Bacon,Tim Canady, Phil Carroll, Lou Copeland, Dot Harmon, Peggy Hazel, Patrick Jackson, JoAnnah Mahan, Queenie McEwen, Clive Miller, Joe Montgomery, Greg Ridley, Thurman Rivers, Ann Tiley and Duffy Young. The legendary Werner Wildner showed up the day of the show without his art…but he did drink for free.

4 thoughts on “The Beginning

  1. Arthur, strikes me there were a bunch of us on the streets of Nashville those days just created the world we wanted to get to in our minds and then worked the rest of our lives getting there; a single-minded determination to circumvent the pedigrees, the formal training, any and all popular or easier paths. Maybe some ways an ornery stubbornness. Maybe it was just as much the getting there became such a big part of the art. Anyway, here we are! and it’s been a good trip
    Great article. I’d never seen that one.

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