edited narrows

After my best friend Bubba died his wife Selina and I planted a tree in his back yard as a memorial.   She was not sure what kind of tree it was at the time. It turned out to be a thorn tree which Bubba would have loved. After we planted the tree we were having a prayerful moment of silence when a beautiful butterfly with crazy  colors fluttered around us and landed on the tree.  It hung around a spell on the tree before fluttering off.

We had a celebration of his life on Saturday, ten years after his passing. A fun gathering of old friends with music and good Bubba stories. I spent the next morning scanning all the pics of Bubba that had been gathered. I was alone in the house he lived in…died in. His memory was vivid and I missed my Bubba and tears flooded my eyes. It was Easter morning. I went up to my home church…the Narrows of the Harpeth.  A special, sacred place for me and others going back thousands of years.  The first day I met Bubba he brought me up there back in 1977.  I climbed the trail to the top of the ridge where there is a natural stone altar.  There was a nice couple with their grand daughter up there. As I was sitting up there in silence a large yellow and black butterfly showed up. It fluttered around me  and almost landed on me. The kind lady saw it and said, “My grandmother used to say if you see a lone butterfly it means a deceased loved one is visiting to give you a blessing…he sure does seem to like you.”

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