A Favorite Weapon

chimneysIn the Book of Five Rings the great Samurai  Musashi wrote, “You should not have a favorite weapon. To become over-familiar with one weapon is as much a fault as not knowing it sufficiently well…” Knowing that,  I purposely brought  a different medium with me. I brought Prismacolor pencils with the hopes expanding my own art cultivation and perhaps taking my art in a different direction.  I tend to favor ink. I am more of a draftsmen than a painter and I am familiar with it. It is a favorite weapon. I also hoped to lighten may palette in this new environment. But if I wait till dark to create it will no doubt be a darker palette no matter the medium. Perhaps I should make the effort to work earlier in the day. A novel idea. We will see. I took the color pencils with me on a walkabout. It was late in the day but not dark when I started. Although I saw many scenes suitable for an interesting composition I also needed a place suitable to sit down and draw. I rather fancy the odd array of chimneys here in Wales and think them interesting subjects. After much walking and exploring the neighborhoods of Gresford I finally found both a good scene and a place sit and started drawing in color pencils. I was ill prepared and Musashi would not have been pleased. My weapons were not ready. Most of the pencils needed sharpening and I intentionally did not bring a blades with me on the plane over. I did the best I could from life as the daylight seeped away. I sharpened the pencils when I got back inside and worked on the picture till it was complete. I spent considerably more time working on this than I would have if I had used my familiar approach of using ink and watercolor. The product would have been better too I think, but the lesson learned would have been diminished.

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