All Kids Are Artists

Untitled-1Tonight I was introduced to my 3rd cousins Josh and Callum when I went to their house for tea. They were aware I was an artist and I was proudly shown a clothesline with artwork on it as soon as I got there. After eating, a suggestion that I show them how to paint came up. All I had on me was a watercolor pad and my ink pens. But they had their child’s paint and some kid brushes and we all went to work. When we were done I put my painting up on their clothesline. My teacher, Juanita Greene Parks use to say, “Get them while their young, get them when they’re old, but get them.” John Lennon said, “All children  are artists until they are told they aren’t.”   Let’s always tell them they are.IMGP0286

4 thoughts on “All Kids Are Artists

  1. It was a pleasure having you round for tea, and the boys enjoyed the time you spent with them greatly. Thank you


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