Trails and Trials

gateIn Wales, and most of Britain I suspect, there are public trails and paths that follow the hedges and fences surrounding pastures and fields. Gates along the paths allow folks access without letting out livestock that may inhabit any field at any given time. This allows ample opportunity for exploring new places. Often the trail will diverge of into multiple paths. I usually take the path that leads the most upward. The higher the climb, the greater the vista. Although I usually have my art bag with me I am quite often satisfied with taking many photographs along the way. I usually view my walks as scouting missions for future subject matter for paintings. To actually do art, one must stop moving. But I often can’t stop moving. I get too excited and curious what is up ahead or around the corner. Yesterday morning I woke up in Deganwy, Wales at my friend Andrew’s house. From the view of my bedroom window I could see Conway Castle and snow capped mountains. In Andrew’s back yard their is a gate that leads up a steep hill which I climbed up to the top. I took many pics along the way. But I had already made my mind up what I was to draw. His gate…. Andrew took a pic of me sketching it from a second story window. It even included my clothes hanging out on the line to dry.13100877_10154150546370148_7761374156750115383_n


3 thoughts on “Trails and Trials

  1. Arthur, you so real and inspiring. Your stories take us right to where you are visually and spiritually. The lands are so magical and historic.I think you should plan a group trip, so we can travel to see these breath-taking places, Blessings for a safe return.


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