A New Direction

meandbarnMy “normal” way of doing my art is to do it live, on the spot. Guerilla warfare, I like to call it. Fighting the elements… be they wind, hot sun, deep snow or the darkness of night, while trying to create art makes you work fast and spontaneous. Time is of the essence. In contrast, studio work has little of that. Time is unlimited. One can work at their leisure and take their time trying to get things right. Major works can be created at any size. There are no limits. Instead of a battle or a mere skirmish fought, the work can become long and drawn out. More like a war or long siege…a long, thought out campaign to create a major piece. My recent works have been in acrylics on canvas. The subject matter, while not drawn directly from life are drawn from images I have taken photographically or enlargements of smaller pieces I have done from life. Still, I am not confined to a studio. When I travel I merely take the work with me. The new painting entitled “The End of Day” was worked on in both Tennessee and New York. A second major work entitled “Under Heaven” has been worked on in 3 states. As every major war consists of many smaller battles my art will still consist of these skirmishes. Drawing and painting from life is fun and a way of life for me. This will continue. But I look forward to bigger, major campaigns.

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