It’s Magic!

14445355_10206899107067195_341089135_n1Early last Sunday morning I tore down my campsite at Jeff Poppins Equinox party in Tennessee. I loaded up my belongings and decided to hang around and enjoy the rest of the morning. I made my way to the fire in the middle of the open field where some folks were gathering. I decided to do a little sketching and I brought my art box with me. Four youngsters were hanging around acting kind of bored. I think they were all siblings. I asked them if they would like to paint and like most kids they were into the idea. I got out some watercolor paper and gave them each a piece as they gathered around. I got my watercolor set out and they were intent on watching my actions. I slowly took the cover off the set and exposed all 24 colors to the kids. “It’s magic!” the older boy says excitedly. It reminded me of an old zen saying. “A child looks at a mountain and sees a mountain. The adult looks at a mountain and sees many things. The sage looks at a mountain and sees a mountain.”

2 thoughts on “It’s Magic!

  1. You are a great teacher and its nice you took the time to teach them..Its nice to see that as some people wouldn’t take the time like you.I admire you and respect that in you,Trisha:)

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