On a Roll

I’ve been on a roll lately in terms of sketching. I’ve been using  permanent ink pens on 9″ x 12″watercolor paper so I can paint them later. I’ve learned to scan the drawings before I paint them so I basically get two images from one piece of art.  It’s something I wished I would have done many years ago. Still, I have many them squirreled away. With the popularity of adult coloring books I wonder if I could some how print my  black and white prints on watercolor paper for others to paint. I could include a colored print of how I painted it so the person could copy it or choose to color it how they see fit. Something to think about.abandoned-bird-house-copy

4 thoughts on “On a Roll

  1. Arthur, the adult water color prints is a cool idea. If and when you return home, a small refresher water color class would be good for us rusty painters. (But then again, I could just take them out and paint!)


  2. HI Arthur. Why don’t you publish your own adult coloring book? I think it’s an awesome idea. The above sketch is a perfect example. Then they can use their own medium for color including reprinting on watercolor paper to paint.


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