Bangor on the Dee, Wales

31698996_10211233901914357_5526119705758138368_nWhile driving over to visit with my cousin Keith I came across the small town of Bangor on the Dee. I recognized it right away even though it has been many years since I had been there. The medieval stone bridge that crossed the River Dee was especially memorable. It was so old that no one actually knows when it was erected. There is a record of it being repaired in 1658. The majestic church surrounded by old grave stones attracted me too. I wanted to get out of the car and walk around. I drove toward the bridge that didn’t allow traffic over it in that direction. There was no place to park other than the lot behind the pub called the Royal Oak. I pulled in and read the imposing sign stating “CUSTOMERS ONLY” and turned around and left. I drove past the church that was beckoning me. I ignored it’s calling, and took a right and headed towards Keith’s.¬† Less than a mile down the road I came across a large moving truck that was stuck part way in a driveway and all the way in the road blocking traffic. “It will be awhile,” I was told. I turned the car around and headed for the parking lot of the Royal Oak. I went in and ordered a cup of tea officially making me a customer. When I was finished drinking it I asked the bartender if it was OK to park there while I walked around and he kindly responded, “Sure mate”.

After walking around the church and the bridge taking photos I decided to do a quick sketch of the church from the bridge. I’m not sure how long I stood there drawing. Half an hour?….an hour? It was chilly and I drew quickly in ink. When I finished I jumped back in the car and headed down the now clear road to Keith’s.

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