Sketchy Book


If you are a teacher or interested on training yourself in art this book by  Jim Chapman is all you need. Entitled “Sketchy : Unleash Your Art Self” this book smartly covers the elements and principles of art and design. Along with being an accomplished artist Jim has the gift of explaining things in a casual and humorous manner. Its a fun read. Besides using his own work as examples he uses the work of other artists including myself. I am proud to have several examples of my work in the book. What he says about me is appreciated.       “Arthur is one of the most adventurous artists I’ve ever known. He’s liable to be found painting in any part of the world. And he paints and draws everyday, often under terrible conditions-such as outside at night by the light of a cigarette lighter or in the knee-deep snow. Arthur is one of those folks that could arrive in any random country and he’d emerge later with new friends, a fat portfolio and and invitation to come back to visit. His love of drawing and painting and his zest for life is an inspiration.” I will try and live up to those words.  The book can be purchased here:!blank/c6vc


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