Good Intentions

welsh lane“Good morning!”  I said to the couple taking their baby for a stroll. They waved back slightly and gave me a curious look. Perhaps it was my accent…perhaps it was because it wasn’t morning. Hell, I wasn’t sure what day it was. I went for a walkabout with good intentions. Along with the small sketchpad I always keep on me I carried a larger one for I intended on drawing the All Saints Church down the road. Upon my arrival to the church I sat on a bench and looked up at the massive thing. I was too close. So I circled the church looking for a composition that pleased me. Although I found several suitable views they allowed me no place to sit and draw. With the damp ground taking away any option of sitting on the ground I kept walking. The circle around the church got wider and wider until it was out of view. I wanted to explore. I followed a path to cemetery away from the church…then back down to the pub and a lane that led passed it. I followed the lane that led me out of town and out into the country. I walked for hours hoping the theory of taking only lefts would bring me back to my cousin’s house. The theory proved true. I arrived back at the house with no drawings and the revelation that I needed new sneakers.

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