Marford Mill

millIn an attempt to get a away from the dark palette of my night scenes I packed up my watercolors and walked to the Marford Mill a couple of miles down the road. It was a down hill walk and sunny day. I took some photos on the way down and enjoyed the walk. When I got there I found a suitable place to sit in front of the mill. I sat on top of a stone fence and got my supplies out. There wasn’t really a lot of color in the scene and decided to just draw it straight in ink. Within minutes I was determined to never, ever draw another mill. It was tricky drawing in ink with no way to correct any errors. What you draw is what you get. After talking myself out of quitting several times I worked on it until I was finished with it right there on the spot. It’s a little rough around the edges like it’s creator. At some point I may make prints of it on watercolor paper and put in some color. I jumped on a bus to avoid walking back up hill. Still early enough for more art to be done. I see there is an advantage to doing art in the daylight. Hmm…I wonder if other artists are aware of this?

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