Bikes Rule

IMGP2914In Holland, cars, bicycles and pedestrians all share the same road. They casually weave in between each other in chaotic harmony. Here in Meppel everything one would need is close by. I was loaned a bike and have spent much time ramming around checking out the sites. When I ride my back bike home in the States  I can’t  help but wonder how many people think I lost my license. Bikes here have the right of way over cars. People carry all sorts of thing with them on their bikes…2 or 3 kids, groceries…their dog. Behind me is the Clive Miller International Art Gallery where I have been staying and doing a lot of drawing. Next to it is a coffee/relax shop that doesn’t open up till 4 in the afternoon. Mostly because it also sells pot legally. Seems like a lot of people go in there and leave quickly without drinking coffee. Must be bad coffee.  Just my observation. I found out I could still ride a bike. It was easy…you don’t forget…just like riding a bike.


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