Meppel, Holland

IMGP2815-1 (dragged)I have been staying in the gallery of my old friend Clive Miller. Clive is an English artist who first met in Nashville back in the early 80s. We became fast friends. Even then he had his gallery in Meppel Holland. With his standing invitation still in place I decided to visit him while my flight back to Toronto had a layover in Amsterdam. I wander the streets of this small Dutch city taking pictures and exploring, scouting for possible subject matter for a drawing or painting…like I always do. I don’t get many opportunities to draw windmills and I jumped at the chance…even at the risk of being cliche. Rembrandt echoes through my mind. I have chosen to draw in ink only in honor of his etchings which have inspired me for so long. I found a comfy spot on a bridge to work on a drawing of a windmill and worked there till it was finished.


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