Chasing Windmills

IMGP2996My first attempt at drawing a windmill was quite successful under perfect conditions. It was warm and sunny and I had a good spot standing on a bridge with a ledge to use as a table. My second attempt, despite my preparation wasn’t so easy. After scouting the location of a pair of windmills I found a nice spot to get a good composition but there wasn’t a decent place to sit and draw from. This new day was different. It was quite cold. I bundled up in layers and rode my bike over to the location. I even brought a folding chair with me. Upon arriving at the site I got out the chair, took a seat and commenced to drawing in ink. It was cold and the the wind had picked up. The still moving windmill from the previous drawing session was replaced with swirling propellers making me have to guess their proper location on the paper. Then it started to rain. My thoughts turned to the church drawing I had begun in Wales only to quit when it started to rain. I decided to tough it out and just draw faster. The finished product was rough but gave me the desired composition I was looking for. A few days later I gave it another try. I rode my bike back over there on a warmer day.  I decided to not bring the chair and took a seat on a bench even though it wasn’t the exact composition I had wanted. The second attempt came out more to my liking.

rough pair copypair copy

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