The Lift Bridge

bridge copyHoping to get one last drawing done before I left Meppel for America I walked around looking for a good subject. I really didn’t want to stray too far from Clive’s gallery. While contemplating this I was reminded of John Singer Sargent. When going out with a group of artists to paint the other artists noticed that Sargent walked the least in his search for subject matter. He quickly found a worthy subject because he could see the beauty in everything and he trusted his abilities to turn even a mundane thing into a piece of art. I had been eye balling the bridge in front of Clive’s gallery since I got there. So I crossed the street and sat on the bank of the canal and got out my pen and preceded to draw directly in ink on watercolor paper. Halfway through the drawing I noticed that a little girl, maybe 5 or 6 had come up from behind and was watching me over my shoulder. She was all smiles. I showed her what all I had in my sketch pad and she would smile and giggle at each picture I showed her. I went back to work and I noticed she was gone as suddenly and as quietly as she had appeared. I was planning on sticking with black ink but I wanted the white bridge to stand out so I decided to throw in some watercolor. I kept it a limited palette though.IMGP2960

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